You are resourceful, creative and full of potential

Coaching helps you tap into all the latent brilliant parts of you and allows you to step fully into the life you want to live 

Life teaches us to hide parts of ourselves, deemed unacceptable, that make us who we are, and instead to play a role we think is more crowd-pleasing 

Apple tree in sunlight

Coaching allows you to drop the act and fully accept the true you.  Coaching helps you  determine goals in line with your values and illuminates the path to getting there

Coaching is...

A safe space in which you are always listened to without judgement or pre-conception.   A journey into a deepening relationship with yourself, a spotlight on your talents and an assumption that you inherently know what is best for you.  A partnership with someone who holds your goals as the highest priority.

Coaching isn't...

A set of instructions as to how to live your life.  A coach is not there to 'fix' you or to help you prolong stories about your past. Coaching is not mentoring, counselling or therapy, although these can be used alongside coaching.  There is no need to have anything wrong with you in order to reap the benefits.  

Zoë Boston

My experience has shown me that within the security and space created by a committed coach, dramatic and lasting change is possible and available to everyone.  Whatever level of brilliance you have already achieved, there is always potential for further growth and development.

'Asking yourself these deeper questions opens up new ways of being in the world.  It brings in a breath of fresh air.  It makes life more joyful.  The real trick to life is not to be in the know, but to be in the mystery". Fred Alan Wolf