Testimonials for Zoë Boston

Zoe is an amazing coach. She has an incredible combination of shiny positive personality, sharp focus on your key issues and practical short and long-term solutions. Even after the first session I walked away with new energy and more clarity. Zoe really helped me with personal issues and lack of motivation. I can highly recommend her.
— G Szabo, Kings Langley, UK
Working with Zoe has opened up my mind to alternate and healthier ways of being. Zoe’s intuition and ability to unlock previously hidden barriers, opens up the possibilities to change and to develop as a person. Zoe’s approach is always with warmth and attention, yet based on a deep understanding of how people can develop ingrained habits. By offering insightful methods for over coming these, it allows new habits to take seed and for that I am forever grateful.
— Nolan, St Albans, UK
Zoe works in a different way to any counsellor that I have worked with. She encourages people to get in touch with their spirituality, their core and draw strength from this aspect of themselves. She helped me to release emotions that were slightly buried and understand that my troubles were in my mind and could be overcome by accentuating the positive. She helps people to visualise and aspire to be the best person that they can be. I would thoroughly recommend Zoe. Her sessions are thoughtful and inspiring and you always walk out of them ready to take on all your perceived problems with new vigour.
— Jon H, London, UK
Dear Zoe:
I wanted to thank you for the work we did earlier this year. It was really helpful being able to look at myself from “above” and to fix some of the most entrenched beliefs I had about myself,family, and my work. They are all part of me , and I was able to fix the lack of harmony that I was feeling.
I am looking forward to the new role I’ve created for myself at my job, as well as looking forward to work on my projects.
The way how you’ve helped me was always professional, and you’ve shown a great deal of empathy and skill in bringing out my inner self. Your smart work made my work easier, and even if I sometimes I felt like not attending our sessions, I always went home with a heightened, clearer belief in myself and wanting to come back!
— AP, St Albans, UK
I worked with Zoe for around a year to help me move from a stuck state that was within my business. She helped to shift my thoughts and explore the underlying emotions and causes along with helping me to allow myself to move onto what I really wanted to do.
Zoe is easy to speak to and easy to work with, bringing in processes and methods that I would not have thought of myself to help - and they did help.
— Graeme G, Cape Town, South Africa
I have always been reluctant to confront my insecurities and the aspects of my life that I felt needed improving on but, since I took the plunge and asked Zoe for help, I’ve felt fully equipped to deal with everything life throws at me. She has provided me with the tools and formulas that help me work through certain situations which has led to new-found confidence and contentment. Thank you.
— Pippa, Cornwall, UK
In a career where for many years I felt pride in my achievements, and where I looked forward to what each day would bring, I was increasingly becoming unable to find any joy or sense of purpose. To make matters worse, I often found myself looking back at negative situations in my past and allowing them to affect the present. This negativity was also starting to affect my mood at home. I was at a loss as to how I could recover my passion for my work and life in general.

The sessions with Zoe helped me to visualise my version of a fulfilling life and the perpetual source of energy that exists within me. The techniques Zoe employed helped me to discover and unlock the grounded strength within me that negates the need for external validation. Understanding that I have this intense force living deep in my core has given me the fearless freedom to experiment, to relax and give up control, and to fully immerse myself in moment. My appetite for life is back, and the fear of failure has gone.
— Andrew, St Albans, UK
After suffering with undiagnosed post-natal depression for 3 years, I found myself walking through life as a damaged soul when I was finally diagnosed.

Coaching with Zoe made me realise that the life I had accepted as normal did not have to be that way. Each session was like an enchanting journey into the depths of my life, both real and imagined. I was always amazed at how realisations were reached without even having specifically searched for them.

Zoe has the unique ability to make you feel comfortable, safe and significant. Her connection is warm and authentic - not only in person, but over video conference and phone calls.

Zoe has opened my eyes to a life of contentment with myself, love for my family and hope for the future.

Thank you Zoe
— AL, Auckland, New Zealand
I’ve been coached by Zoe as I had issues with my self confidence and stress due to my studies. In only a few sessions she managed to tackle my weaknesses and reset my goals which I had lost track of. Her professionalism made me go through my entire year with one objective, my goal, my finish line. I am extremely grateful for her help, thank you very much Zoe.
— VH, Mauritius
As a mother with a young child having spent the last couple of years working from home on flexible hours, I came to Zoe feeling limited by my opportunities for personal and professional growth, seeking fresh opportunities that aligned with my values and longer term goals. Feeling very lost without any “path” to speak of, Zoe worked with me to focus on what was important to me as an individual but more importantly to focus on the right things, rather than my own self-doubt and anxieties. Her principles and practice is very straightforward, practical and accessible, and the tools she has worked with me to develop have provided me clarity and confidence to seize the opportunities right in front of me. Our work together has been invaluable to me as a mother, a partner, and a professional.
— EF, Harpenden, UK
I started seeing Zoë as after five years as a full-time mother, I lacked confidence, had no idea what I wanted from life and felt that I was not achieving my true potential. I clicked with Zoe instantly. She is like the honest best friend all of us need. Coaching with Zoë is dynamic and something I look forward to. Through a range of mental and physical techniques she has enabled me to identify my core values, internal support structure and a set of emotional tools that have changed my outlook on life and have returned me to the confident, capable and content person I thought I had lost. I am still working with Zoë and am now well placed to start the next chapter in my life which, with her help, I am looking forward to unlocking.
— VF, St Albans, UK
Life not having gone the way I expected, I was at a point where there seemed to be no obvious way forward and I was wondering what to do with myself. Having long felt that I had not found my groove in life I decided to find help. Zoe’s warm personality makes you feel welcome and relaxed and able to talk. She has helped me understand what is important to me and given a set of tools to move me down my path. Highly recommended.
— Karen, Hertfordshire, UK
Dear Zoe
Thank you so much for today. It was so good coming to seeing you again.
Thinking of myself sitting there confident, happy and full of energy, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciate everything you have done for me.
You are forever saying lovely things about me and I just wanted to let you know that I am very grateful to you, your super coaching and your warm and honest style, for helping me find the light.
I am really looking forward to working together again!
— Anon, Hertfordshire, UK
Coaching with Zoe was a very weird experience for me. Whilst being coached I often doubted if anything was changing, if I was changing. Now I feel the effects more. I have a clearer idea who I am and what I want from life and I do feel lost sometimes but I always go back to what I learned in coaching to help me get back on track.
— KVL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
...I can’t thank you enough for the amazing help you’ve given me over the past three months. Like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, I have grown from being encased in a cocoon to discovering my wings! Your guidance has given me the power to shrug off a lot of emotional baggage; no longer do I feel defined by my past, but energised by a future in which I see a long held dream of moving away from my home town, something I have tried and failed to do many times before, becoming a reality. I find myself in a very exciting place right now and eagerly await the future and embrace it with open arms; let a new chapter on my life begin!
— MH, Hertfordshire, UK