Coaching for me is a series of moments, when my heart is completely open, my energy is flowing and I am totally connected. I am an oak tree that sources energy from the light and the dark and  witness a budding flower burst into bloom. 

In this unfolding so the whole world becomes a brighter, more vibrant and more beautiful place to be

My Past

I spent 11 years working in the financial sector running sales and business development teams.  I taught overseas in various capacities for five years.  I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist, studying whilst still working in the corporate world, I trained in various types of massage therapy, bodywork and natural movement across the globe, I became a practitioner of NLP and EFT, and trained in Bi Aura therapy.  I was an adventure seeker, a traveller, a strong headed, independent life lover who strove for more excitement and variety.

In 2009 I quit my job in the corporate world and set up my own company specialising in holistic wellbeing packages and retreats.

In 2011 I became a mother, the most amazing and beautiful, disruptive and chaotic thing that ever happened to me.  I was completely in love with my daughter and at the same time wondering who on earth I was meant to be now.

My Now

I am a coach, who thrives on helping people come to life, helping them spill their vitality into the world.  I integrate a lot of my other tools into my coaching practice because I truly believe that to be alive, is to be fully aware of your body, your mind, your emotions and your spiritual energy. 

I split my time between growing my two lovely girls, coaching and mentoring people through times of change.

I am working on a pilot project introducing coaching to mothers to help them through the transition period from pre mother, through maternity and back to their full selves again either in the work place or as a full time mum.

My Future

I dream that I can have an impact on a global scale.  That I will change lives by really being present with my clients, and inspiring them with a hunger for life in all its glory, rollercoasters, gentle meandering paths, whatever the journey offers.

I believe in the power of coaching, and the connecting of people back to themselves and their true values, the shedding of the masks society says we should wear and the liberty of just being who you are.  

My Passions

I am a mother of two amazing, powerful, wilful and opinionated girls, and my dream is for them to become fully realised in whatever way is their way.

I am passionate about allowing that to happen.



My Qualifications

BA Hons Literature and Philosophy – University of Birmingham

NT Dip – with Premier

Raynor Massage Master
Metamorphic Technique
Emmett Technique

Energy Work
Bi Aura Therapy

Mindfulness and Subconscious
NLP Master
Life Coaching
CoActive Coaching

Fitness Trainer
MovNat Coach
POSE Coach
Wild Fitness Coach